Speaker Guidelines

Each speaker will be assigned a classroom that they will address. Speakers may be partnered if they indicate on the sign-up form they are open to teaming up. Speakers are invited and strongly encouraged to attend an optional lunch and school tour prior to speaking to the students.

      11:30am-12:30pm: Lunch & School Tour (optional)
      12:30pm: Arrival Time (if not attending lunch)
      12:30-12:45pm: Speakers escorted to classroom, set up slide presentation (if applicable)
      12:45pm-1:45pm: Speakers present to classroom

Speakers should arrive no later than 12:30 pm so they are in the classroom and ready to begin by 12:45pm.* All students will have seen the movie CodeGirl, a documentary about an international all-girl mobile app building competition. We recommend you view the film before the session. It is available through Amazon and other online sources. Speakers have freedom to lead the class as they choose — talking about their experiences in tech, asking the students’ about their experience (including monthly coding with Code/Art), and referring to topics brought up in CodeGirl. Make it as engaging and interactive as possible. Here is a Study Guide for the movie CodeGirl  you can refer to when preparing. Each talk should touch in some way on the following:

    • Speaker’s experiences as a woman in tech
    • Students’ experiences so far in coding and tech
    • Discussion of CodeGirl (may refer to this Study Guide)
    • Q & A

* Speakers must finish by 1:45pm due to class scheduling and may leave earlier if their talk has wrapped up.
** Young Women’s Preparatory Academy (YWPA) is an all-girls Miami-Dade County public school.

Location & Parking

Location: The school is located at 1150 SW 1st Street, but you enter from the south side (parking lot side) on SW 2nd St. between SW 11th Ave and SW 12th Ave.

Parking: The parking lot is located on 2nd Street between SW 11th Ave and SW 12th Ave. (The sign says Riverside, but it is YWPA parking.)

There is plenty of free parking in the school lot for all guest speakers.