A Kickoff to the Year of Code

The day kicked off a yearlong Code/Art coding program in partnership with Young Women’s Preparatory Academy. After Code/Art led all 400 YWPA students in an hour-of code session last year, science teacher Ms. Silvia Mendoza was inspired to get more coding education at YWPA. YWPA doesn’t currently offer any computer science classes, so Ms. Mendoza reached out to Code/Art to offer coding instruction to YWPA students all year long this school year.

Speakers Get Inspirational

Amy Renshaw, Executive Director of Code/Art, recruited 15 women in Computer Science to be guest speakers for Day of Code. They included Allison Cammack of Kairos, Amanda Quijano of Iguana Productions, Catalina Valenzuela of TECHcetera, Christina Nguyen of SapientRazorfish, Claudia Gourdet with Educate Tomorrow, Gabriela Costales with University of Miami, Gina Carriazo Hickey with HackShack Studio Julissa Roa of Bupa Global Latin America, Marina Ganopolsky of Code/Art and HackedArt, Marlise Urscheler of Spafinder Wellness 365 and instructor with CS50xMiami, Mary Wolff with Spacewolff, Monique Ross with FIU, Neydy Gomez with Zaniac, Taylor Martinez with MDC, and Terri-Ann Brown with Founder Institute South Florida. Each speaker spoke to one homeroom. They talked about their professional experience as it related to the documentary “CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap,” which all of the students watched as part of the morning session.

Shrinking the Gender Gap

All 400 YWPA students attended. In addition to the screening of “CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap” and the “Women in Tech” speakers, Code/Art led the coding exercise, and Luis Martinez of Stardom Up and Unyted Technologies led an additional STEM activity.

One student said the documentary made her feel grateful she attends an all-girls school, where they don’t have to deal with gender bias. All of the girls thought they could be as good of coders as boys and enjoyed doing a first coding project where they learned to draw with code in JavaScript.

Creative Coding Sessions Begin

Since the kick-off event in October, Code/Art has been back to lead six monthly coding sessions with all 400 students (grades 6-12). The girls are learning to code in Scratch. They have coded a Jackson Pollock art generator and are now working on creating video games. Most of our instructors our current computer science majors in FIU’s School of Computing and Information Sciences. The team is led by Lissett Munoz.

The program returns for nine monthly coding sessions in 2018-2019. In August we will be training the 12th grade students to be classroom assistants. Can’t wait to be back at YWPA!

End of the Year Showcase

At the end of the school year, the speakers from Day of Code will be invited back, but this time the roles will be reversed. The YWPA students will present their coding projects to the speakers to show them what they have learned in the yearlong program.

We love working with the students at YWPA and are so grateful to the Albert and Jane Nahmad Family Foundation for funding this project. The YWPA administration sees the positive impact of the sessions Code/Art is leading and is looking into adding computer science classes to the regular curriculum for the coming school year. That’s awesome!

Ready to get involved?

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