Hear from our Code/Art Community!

Moraly Arroyo, Parent

The work you are doing is opening up a world of opportunity for girls, which they may not have otherwise imagined. Thank you for helping to make that possible!

Jenna Hart, Student

At Code/Art, I’ve learned to refine my current coding skills, but I’ve also learned some exciting NEW coding skills, especially in animation! Code/Art has definitely taught me a lot about coding.

Guillermo Perez, Parent

For my daughter, Code/Art has been an excellent opportunity to learn about computer programming through art. She has always been very creative, exploratory and visual, so she enjoys very much all the Code/Art workshops learning to “draw and paint” with code. Additionally, Code/Art’s annual event, Code/Art Miami has motivated Sophia to make an extra effort to apply all that she has learned. As parents, my wife and I see Code/Art as an important building block in our girls’ education. We are very glad to have it in our South Florida community!

Anna Mistele, Code/Art Instructor/Past Participant

Code/Art inspires such incredible growth in everyone it touches. I’ve watched tentative students become skilled and confident as they progress through the workshops. I’ve watched complete beginners learn — in one day — to develop their own creative programs. Code/Art has made me a more experienced teacher and computer scientist, and I’ve had the unique opportunity of being able to participate in an enthusiastic and growing group of young coders.

Janiya Prince, Student

I had never coded something like this before, and I learned so much when Code/Art visited my school and now I am obsessed with it. Thank you for showing this to me and my school. I really enjoyed it I (I didn’t just do it to get my grades better by the way) I did it because I thought it was interesting.

Katherine Hart, Parent

Code/Art is a genius concept that I’m so grateful for! Mixing the creativity of art with computer coding really keeps my daughter Jenna engaged. Even more inspiring are the kindness and great mentoring from the Code/Art instructors.

Vilmary Martinez, Parent

By opening the doors to the previously male-dominated field of coding, Code/Art inspires our daughters to explore coding, showcase their talents, and pursue careers in this growing industry.

Liz Gariazzo, Local Supporter

Code/Art gives girls an opportunity to show the world that they too can make a difference in the cyber arena and can bring a whole new outlook to the future of coding.

Paula Torres, Student, Code/Art Scholarship Recipient

Receiving the Code/Art scholarship helped me to further realize that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I love what this program is doing for young girls — not only helping us achieve our dreams, but encouraging us to follow a career path that is not often pursued by women. Code/Art is showing us that we can do anything!

Ellen Book, Branch Manager, Pinecrest Branch Library

Attending Code Art Miami is like attending a mini-conference. The technologically proficient speakers are uplifting and inspiring. This forum offers networking opportunities and challenges attendees with a project competition that inspires students to bring their ‘A game.’

Mauricio Ferrazza, Miami Dade College Animation & Gaming Dept. Chairperson

Code/Art seeks to inspire more girls to code and to foster a new community of amazing tech women. MAGIC, the Miami Animation & Gaming International Complex at Miami Dade College, hosted Code/Art’s first event in 2016 to a packed house of enthusiasts and girls ready to take on this challenge.

Amelia Fox , Student

CodeArt is the reason that I love coding. Initially, I was scared to try coding because it seemed challenging and foreign. However, through the female empowerment and amazing instructors and community at Code/Art, I quickly discovered my love for coding. Now, being on my schools coding team, I try to make sure that younger kids have the same positive experience that I was lucky to have.