Our Team

Amy Austin Renshaw
CEO & Co-Founder

Sarah Blecher

Annette Green Tellez
Director of Education & Programs

Lisa Hauser
Programs Advisor

Romina Bailey
Project Manager

Nicolette Mathis
Programs Manager

Siobhan Williams, PhD
Operations Manager

Alexandra Fernandez
Social Media Manager & Coordinator

Kaylla Torres
Lead Instructor & Coordinator

Taylor Rivera
Lead Instructor

Anna Mistele
Lead Instructor

Kiran Masroor
Lead Instructor

Lander Basterra
Director of Community Outreach
Claudia Gourdet
Lead Instructor

Andres Vazquez
Lead Instructor

Moraly Arroyo
Chief Growth Officer (CGO)

Teaching Interns for YWPA School-wide Program

Board of Directors

Chelsea Wilkerson

Marina Ganopolsky
1st Vice Chair

Lander Basterra
2nd Vice Chair

Elsa Goss Black

Cristiane Benvenuto Andrade

Anna Mistele
Recent Alumnus Board Member