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Guidelines for Submission

  • Must be a female student in Grades 4-12
  • Write a computer program that generates a self-portrait (still image)
  • Include your pet or a dream pet (real or imaginary animal)
  • The program can be written in any programming language – JavaScript in Khan Academy’s programming environment (that uses processing.js) may be the easiest.

What to Expect

Code-based self-portraits will be judged in two rounds:

Round 1 happens BEFORE EVENT

All entries will be posted on code-art.com, and you can invite friends and family to “like” yours. Each coded Self-Portrait with Pet will be displayed, along with First name + Last Initial and Grade of the person submitting. Our judges will pick their top 3, and an additional 7 will be selected based on number of likes.

In all, 10 entries will advance to final round at our May 20th event at University of Miami.

Round 2 happens at the EVENT on May 20th

The Top 10 self-portraits will be printed out and displayed at “Code Art Miami” event on May 20, 2018 at University of Miami in Coral Gables. At the event, the finalists’ photos and short write-ups will also be displayed next to their self-portraits.

Each event attendee gets to vote once for their favorite, and the “People’s Choice – Self Portrait” winner will be announced at the event.

Submission Deadline: April 8th

Email info@Code-Art.com if you have questions or comments.

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