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Guidelines for Submission

  • Must be a female student in Grades 3-12
  • May only submit one entry in this category
  • Write a computer program that generates a self-portrait (still image)
  • Include your pet or a dream pet (real or imaginary animal)
  • Pet must be coded; cannot just be an image from the image library
  • The program can be written in any programming language – JavaScript in Khan Academy’s programming environment (that uses processing.js) may be the easiest.
  • Each entry must include a short write-up that describes your program, why you chose to design it the way you did, your biggest coding challenge, and what you are most proud of.
  • All work must be your own.

Selecting the Winner

The winner will be selected by popular vote in two rounds:

Round 1 – Online

Self-Portraits will be posted on CodeArt’s website code-art.com, with First name + Last Initial and Grade of the girl submitting (no photos). You can invite friends and family to vote for yours. The 10 entries with the most votes will advance to the final round at Code/Art Miami on May 20th at UM’s Newman Alumni Center.

Round 2 – Voting at the Event

The Top 10 self-portraits will be printed out and displayed at Code/Art Miami on May 20, 2018, at UM’s Newman Alumni Center. At the event, each finalist’s photo and short write-up will also be displayed next to her self-portrait. Voting will begin at 1:00pm and end at 2:00pm. Each event attendee gets to vote once for their favorite, and the entry with the most votes at 2:00pm will be awarded “People’s Choice” winner during the Awards Ceremony.


Prizes will be presented during an Awards Ceremony at Code/Art Miami on May 20, 2018. The top 10 finalists in the Self-Portrait with Pet category who attend the Awards Ceremony will also get to keep the physical display of their coded self portrait. The 1st place winner will be awarded an additional prize selected to reward effort and encourage further exploration of coding. The prize may include one or more of the following — certificate good for a coding workshop, tech swag, books, and/or a gift card.

Submission Deadline: April 29th

Email [email protected] if you have questions or comments.

  • Submitted artwork will be displayed at Code/Art Miami event on May 20, 2018 at UM’s Newman Alumni Center. In the unlikely circumstance that an entry is deemed inappropriate, Code/Art reserves the right to not display it.