Finalists in this Year’s Code Your “Future Self” Contest

The Finalists listed below move on to the Final Round of in-person voting at Code/Art Fest on Saturday, March 14th at UM Newman Alumni Center, where each finalist will be recognized on stage and given a keepsake of their coded portrait. Voting takes place from 4:00-5:00 pm. The top vote-getter (based on in-person ballots) in each grade group will be announced and will receive an additional prize.

Self Portrait Challenge – Code Your “Future Self”

Voting is now live! Vote from Feb 26th – Friday, Feb 28th at 11:59pm EST.

Help us select this year’s Top 5 Finalists for each grade group by clicking on each of the images below to vote for your favorites in each of the three grade group contests. Please vote for all grades.

* You must wait at least 24 hours between votes on the same entry. If we notice suspicious voting activity, people trying to get around this rule, those votes will be removed.

Grades 3-5

  • Alexandra Prado, 4th grade
  • Ana Bracamontes, 5th grade
  • Andrea Diaz, 4th grade
  • Brielle Ortega, 4th grade
  • Elena Settembrino, 4th grade
  • Federica Lauria, 3rd grade
  • Francesca Sperman, 4th grade
  • Meredith Claiborne, 5th grade
  • Olivia Arriete, 4th grade
  • Romina Sepe, 4th grade
  • Stella Fernandez, 5th grade
  • Veronica Puig, 4th grade

Grades 6-8

  • Annette Toiran-Prado, 7th grade
  • Emily Kardjian, 8th grade
  • Isabella de la Cruz, 6th grade
  • Keren Reyes, 8th grade
  • Liyah Orozco, 8th grade
  • Lucia Segovia, 8rd grade
  • Masielle Rodriguez, 8th grade
  • Mya Bermudez, 7th grade
  • Nataly Gonzalez, 8th grade
  • Regan Cooper, 8th grade
  • Sofia Garcia, 7th grade

Grades 9-12

    • Andreina Calles, 9th grade
    • Dominique Smith, 10th grade
    • Isabella Durand, 11th grade
    • Keren Rivera, 11th grade
    • Liyah Orozco, 8th grade
    • Leslie Hinojosa-Mora, 11th grade
    • Yenifer Segredo, 9th grade

Honorable Mention

Grades 3-5

  • Carola DeInclan, 4th grade
  • Carolina Torres, 5th grade
  • Cristina Cuervo, 5th grade
  • Emiliana Macedo, 5th grade
  • Juliet Isom, 5th grade
  • Khendal McCrea, 4th grade
  • Lia Martino, 4th grade
  • Maria Bracamontes, 5th grade
  • Mia Blackgrove, 5th grade
  • Victoria Ancion, 3rd grade