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    • Intro to Creative Coding: July 27-30, 2020

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About Our Professional Development Courses

Our Intro to Creative Coding PD workshop provides teachers with training and curriculum to lead Code/Art's four introductory code-based art lessons in the classroom!

Each easy-to-teach lesson is geared toward expanding students' creativity and teaching them computing skills. No previous computer programming experience needed for teachers!

Please send program-related questions to [email protected]

Code/Art lessons are the perfect way to merge technology and creativity in the classroom and are ideal for first-time coders. Introduce coding to your students in a fun, engaging, and creative way!

Beyond the training, Code/Art provides teachers with university-level teaching assistants to help in the classroom as well as a teaching community to answer questions and provide on-going support. 


Teachers can help their schools achieve STE(A)M designation through this program. Our training meets CPALMS standards for Visual Art: Innovation, Technology, and the Future.

What Teachers had to say about Code/Art

“I learned that coding is not as impossible as I thought it was!”  – Ana Weiss

“I was delighted that it was very step-by-step. I could actually do it with my students very easily.”  – Ana Vo

“The videos were very well done and provide someone like me, who is not a coding teacher, a great way to guide a classroom.” – Maria Sanin

“Creativity is the one thing that helps all of us learn. I believe this is the kind of activity that can make any subject come more alive to students.” – Bernadine Bush

To date, Code/Art has trained over 100 art and tech teachers from more than 70 schools, the majority of those (80%) being Title I schools! 

Students in Action

To date, Miami Dade Public School Art Teachers have reported teaching Code/Art to 2,751 students. This was the first introduction to coding for 2,080 students. Of those, 1,154 were females students! 

The lessons being taught by teachers across South Florida include: 

  • Coding a Self-Portrait using Processing.JS

  • 3D Modeling using TinkerCad

  • Game Design using Scratch

  • Abstract Art using Scratch 

After learning the lessons, female students are able to compete in Code/Art’s Annual All-Girls Coding Competition! Learn More


What programming languages will we learn to teach?

Scratch, JavaScript + Processing.js, and Tinkercad 3D.

Will the lessons be taught to us the way we are to deliver them?

Yes. Teachers will learn how to lead creative coding lessons virtually over Zoom, including
• in-depth tips on breakout room management
• how and why to do simultaneous multiple student screen sharing
• interactive annotations
• and much more!

What supporting materials will be provided?

You will have access to a video tutorial, a detailed lesson plan, and a slide presentation for each of the four coding lessons. We find that most teachers use the video tutorial, pausing it for the students to work where noted in the lesson plan, when leading each of the Code/Art lessons.

Is there support if I get stuck implementing a particular lesson?

Each non-auditing PD participant may schedule up to two 2-hr sessions with two Code/Art trained university-level TAs (2-2-2 support), to assist as best fits their needs — help with prepping, answering student questions, assisting, or leading the lesson. TA support will be available on a virtual basis through Jan 15th, 2021.

In addition, you can access the resource section in the Code/Art Teacher Portal through your Code/Art login (given to all non-auditing PD participants).

Lastly, you can email questions to [email protected], which will be answered in the order received, typically within 48 hours.

Can I share Code/Art lessons with other teachers?

Under our Terms of Use Agreement, you are not allowed to directly share Code/Art lessons with others, but we do want to allow other teachers access. You will be given a link to a request form that teachers can use to request access to our introductory video lessons. In this way, we are better able to track which teachers are using our lessons to assist them and better measure our true impact.

Thank you to our Partners!

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