Upcoming PD Workshops for Art Teachers:

    • Intro to Creative Coding: July 20-23, 2020 or
    • Intro to Creative Coding: July 27-30, 2020

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About Our Professional Development Courses

Our Intro to Creative Coding PD workshop provides teachers with training and curriculum to lead Code/Art's four introductory code-based art lessons in the classroom!

Each easy-to-teach lesson is geared toward expanding students' creativity and teaching them computing skills.

Please send program-related questions to [email protected]

Our Code/Art lessons are the perfect way to merge technology and creativity in the classroom and are perfect for first-time coders. Introduce coding to students in a fun and engaging way!

Beyond the training, Code/Art provides teachers with university-level teaching assistants to help in the classroom as well as a teaching community to answer questions and provide on-going support. 


STEAM Requirements 
Teachers can help their schools achieve STE(A)M designation through this program. Additionally, our training meets CPALMS standards for Visual Art: Innovation, Technology, and the Future.

What Teachers had to say about Code/Art

“I learned that coding is not as impossible as I thought it was!”  – Ana Weiss

“I was delighted that it was very step-by-step. I could actually do it with my students very easily.”  – Ana Vo

“The videos were very well done and provide someone like me, who is not a coding teacher, a great way to guide a classroom.” – Maria Sanin

“Creativity is the one thing that helps all of us learn. I believe this is the kind of activity that can make any subject come more alive to students.” – Bernadine Bush

Code/Art has trained 96 Miami Dade public school art and tech teachers representing over 60 schools, the majority of those being Title I schools! 

Students in Action

To date, Miami Dade Public School Art Teachers have reported teaching Code/Art to 2,751 students. This was the first introduction to coding for 2,080 students. Of those, 1,154 were females students! 

The lessons being taught by teachers across South Florida include: 

  • Coding a Self-Portrait using Processing.JS

  • 3D Modeling using TinkerCad

  • Game Design using Scratch

  • Abstract Art using Scratch 

After learning the lessons, female students are eligible to compete in Code/Art’s Annual All-Girls Coding Competition! Learn More

Thank you to our Partners!

Microsoft Knight Foundation FIU School of Computing & Information Sciences MDCPS STEAM MDCPS Visual & Performing Arts Frost Art Museum