Partner With Us

With your help, we can inspire girls to learn computer science 

Code/Art’s corporate partners invest in the future of South Florida girls. It is because of them that we are able to advance our mission, strengthen the STEM workforce, and close the gender gap.

For more information on becoming a supporter, email:

Soledad Picon, Development Director, at 


Why Partner With Us? 

  • To make computer science (CS) education more accessible and appealing to girls
  • To prepare girls for the technology jobs of the future and to show the range of career opportunities available to them with a computing background
  • To increase the tech pipeline and fill more high-skilled software positions with US citizens
  • To improve technology (technology teams with gender diversity produce more robust products, on average, than those produced by single-sex teams)
  • To bring unique technological solutions to the world that likely would only come from the experiences and perspectives of women (the idea you don’t have is from the voice you haven’t heard)

Thank you to our Partners!