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Guidelines for Submission

  • Deadline for submission is Sunday, April 29th.
  • Must be a female student in Grade 4 – 12 to be eligible for competition, but all other students are
    welcomes to submit their artwork for display.
  • Submitted artwork can be a digital still image (self-portrait), digital animation, interactive program, or a 3D-coded object* (3D-printed or programmable electronics).
    • *All physical coded art will be returned in a timely manner after the event.
  • All artwork must be created through computer programming or a 3D modeling CAD tool.
    • Examples: Scratch, Python, Java, JavaScript using Processing.js (Khan Academy uses Processing.js), p5.js, Code.org Artist program, TinkerCAD, 3DSlash, etc.
    • All work should be original (no spin-offs or remixes allowed)
  • There is no limit to number of pieces you can submit for art show, but each piece you would like entered into competition must have a short write-up that explains the code you wrote and what the code-based artwork means to you (1-3 paragraphs).
  • To submit digital artwork, e-mail info@code-art.com:
    • A screenshot of your digital artwork
    • A short description of the work (if submitting for competition)
    • A ZIP file of your project folder including all program files OR the URL to the Scratch, Khan
      Academy, Codesters, Code.org or other program file for your image/animation.
  • To submit 3D art using a 3D Printer, email info@code-art.com:
    • An image of your 3D Art design
    • A short description of the work (if submitting for competition)
    • Your computer program .stl file OR the URL to TinkerCAD design
    • Request the pickup of your physical 3D art piece.
  • All submitted artwork will be displayed at the CodeArt.Miami event on May 20, 2018 at University of Miami’s Newman Alumni Center.

Use your imagination and have fun!

Contact us at info@Code-Art.com if you have questions or comments.

Winners will be announced at CodeArt.Miami on Sunday, May 20th.

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