About CodeHER Clubs

CodeHer clubs help students learn how to write computer programs that generate art. These clubs become an onramp to coding for girls in grades 4-12 at a time when they shy away from computer science.

Community & School Programs

Code Art partners with local schools, corporations, and other non-profits to create programs that go beyond a few workshops to span the full school year.

How it Began

A senior, Maria looked around in 10th grade and saw talented, smart girls who felt intimidated by computer science, which fits the national trend. In the United States university system, only 18% of undergraduate computer science degrees go to women. So Maria fought back by founding her school’s chapter of the Girls Who Code club.

“The 9th graders, the 10th graders are joining girls who code, they feel like it’s something they might be interested in doing whereas I think if Maria hadn’t been here and Maria hadn’t pushed to start girls who code, it would still be an all boys club,” Hauser said.

Maria’s simple idea led to the annual Code Art Miami event and our 1st CodeHer club. Even more CodeHer clubs began popping up in the Miami as a way to change the tide in how girls see themselves fitting into the STEM careers of the future.

"Coding is today's language of creativity. All our children deserve a chance to become creators instead of consumers of computer science."

President of Harvey Mudd College