Professional Development

CC-101 – Intro to Creative Coding

Next Workshop: June 28 – July 1, 2021

Course: Intro to Creative Coding
Location: Online Virtual Workshop via Zoom
Time: 4-day workshop; 9am-12pm each day + 3 hours homework (15 master plan points)
Dates: June 28-July 1, 2021; July 6-9; July 27-30, 2021
Who can apply: Open to all K-12 Teachers
Description: Workshop was designed with Art and CTE teachers in mind, but is open to all K-12 teachers. It provides teachers with training, curriculum, and post-training support to lead Code/Art’s four introductory code-based art lessons in the classroom! Each easy-to-teach lesson is geared toward expanding students’ creativity and teaching them computing skills. No previous computer programming experience is needed for teachers.

At the end of the workshop, teachers will have:
• Familiarity with all course materials
• Gained experience coding all of the lessons
• Access to curriculum, video tutorials and other teaching resources
• Classroom support from Code/Art instructors (recommended)
• Email support from Code/Art (for current school year)
• A toolkit to help your students take part in Code/Art’s annual coding competition
• A connection to a community of teachers interested in creative coding
• A certificate of course completion
• Fun swag

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Students in Action!

To date, Miami-Dade County Public School teachers have reported teaching Code/Art lessons to 6,765 students. Of those, 3,793 were introduced to coding for the first time and 3,240 were female!