Sample Lesson - Code Your Self PortraitCourse: Intro to Creative Coding for M-DCPS Art Teachers
Location: Online Virtual Workshop
Time: 4-day workshop; 9am-12noon each day + 1 hour homework on days 1-3
Dates: 7/27-7/30
Post-Workshop Support: Non-auditing participants may schedule up to 2 2-hr sessions with 2 Code/Art instructors, who will assist you in delivering the lessons to your class virtually. Sessions must be completed by Jan 15, 2021.
Stipend: $250 upon completing workshop, evaluation form, and proof of implementation

Meets CPALMS standards for Visual Art: Innovation, Technology, and the Future

Coding is a new means for art and self-expression. In this training, you’ll learn our four most popular, easy-to-teach lessons, which will open the door to a new world of creativity and technical skills for both you and your students! To ensure your success in the classroom, we provide additional support – access to video tutorials and in-classroom (or virtual) teaching interns, plus added incentives available after you have delivered the lessons to your students.

Fill out application form below. Acceptances will be made on a rolling basis starting June 4th!

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*You are required to attend all 4 morning virtual sessions (7/27, 7/28, 7/29, 7/30) and do one hour homework on days 1-3.
* You must attend all four half-day session,complete daily homework, submit course evaluation form, and provide proof of implementation (images of student coded art and photos of students coding art) to receive $250 stipend.